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5 Ways to Stay Motivated to lose weight and improve your health so you can reach your goals

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

On todays episode we will talk about 5 ways to stay motivated while woking out, losing weight, and reversing chronic illness so you can reach your goals.

We can have the best intentions but get side tracked from being busy with our lives working, being an entrepreneur, and taking care of our families. Try to implement these 5 hacks into your daily routine to keep you going when trying to improve your health and lose weight.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, manage your glucose, cholesterol and find motivation at the same time this is for you.

Know your reason why you have the desire.

Setting goals and a simple method to set and keep your goals.

Having a support system like coaching or family.

Appreciate the process along the way and enjoy your journey.

Manifestations also require action.

Love and light


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Hello, everybody hope everybody's having a wonderful day. So today we're going to talk about motivation. Okay. I mean, sometimes you feel so motivated and you're just feeling like a go getter and then Sundays you're like, man, I just don't feel like doing this today. We all have those days. Cause we're all just human rights. Sometimes. You're like, do I have to just go work out? Can I just get some takeout food? Why do I have to do these things? Right. So we're just going to go over a couple of ways just to help us stay motivated every day. Right? So one of the best ways to help you stay motivated is to know your why. I know you've heard people talk about where's your reason why goal setting and all these things. And it's true. You got to know your why. Okay. Just sitting down and just writing down what it is that's important to you and why you're trying to re reach this goal.

But you want to reach, like, for example, you find out that you have high blood pressure and you want to lower your blood pressure. And so you want to start changing your lifestyle. So you're like I'm going to start eating healthier and working out. Okay. So you would making a plan to exercise more and to just try to eat more nutritious, nutrient dense food. All right. And then you have that reason why, but then you also want to go even deeper than that. Like I want to live longer and lose this weight and be healthy so that I could be there for my family. So that could be there for my children or my spouse because they love me dearly and I love them and they would just be destroyed if I wasn't here anymore. So I'm doing this for myself and my family. So this is important to me.

And it could, the reason could be different for everybody. But a lot of times our loved ones are just a great reason for us to get our button gear pretty much, you know? And if you feel like you're struggling, why just pray about it, ask God about it, to be like, God, please reveal to me this reason. And it will come to you just be open to receive the message, whichever would it is. And when you're doing this, so don't only focus on the end goal. Okay. So sometimes that can be a little overwhelming. So if you're like, I'm going to lose 20 pounds, but you just thinking about that so far in, in the future. Cause it seems like it's far just try to think about the little process goals, you know, like the process of getting there. Okay. So just writing down, how am I going to achieve this goal?

Right? So this is what I have to do here and then here. So you could do like a triangle, but you have the top, for example, the 20 pounds at the top and you just have the bigger spectrum and it just keeps getting smaller and smaller and not forgetting to congratulate yourself for each wind that you have. Right. Because there are going to be some days when you're going to feel discouraged, right? So like for instance, if you get on the scale, you know how I feel about scales, you might feel discouraged, you know, because it's not really going to be accurate. So allow yourself the small wins and always congratulate yourself, show yourself the love that you need, that you crave. Right. Cause we all need that. So, and with those small wins, you want to have realistic expectations. Okay. So it's okay to lose one or two pounds a week.

All right. Sometimes you lose a lot of weight the first week and it could be water weight, but then after that it could go up and down. It could stay the same. Your metabolism is trying to readjust itself. All these things are taking place in your body, especially depending on how you've been eating or have you been moving your body now that your body's like, oh, what is this? You know? And so it might start holding on to things. Okay. So having those realistic expectations and not comparing yourself to somebody else, if you go on Instagram, for example, and you get triggered by somebody, it is okay to unfollow them. I mean, if you faith, if they inspire you, that's one thing. Awesome. Keep that up. But if you feel like you follow certain accounts and you feel triggered it's okay, give yourself permission to unfollow them and don't feel bad about it.

Okay. Because if you're going through something you want, you know, you'd want to find out what your triggers are, because then if you get triggered, let's say when you've been eating more healthy, eating, a more nutrient dense meal, you might feel like, you know what, I'm not dealing with this anymore. It's not going well. I'm just going to go out and eat whatever I want. And then you're going to set yourself back, all that positive stuff you've been doing for yourself. Okay. So just being aware of that, just being mindful of what you're putting in your mind, you know, looking at workouts and things like that and healthy meals are good. You know, just to give you that motivation, just be aware of what is triggering you. And also you can write that down. You know, if such and such is triggering me, let me find out what that is and, and journal about it.

Okay. Get it all out. Get it on paper. I really believe in journaling. Journaling is amazing. Okay. So let me get back. So there's realistic expectations. Okay. So losing five to 10% of your body weight can still, you know, help your blood pressure and PLU improve your blood sugar control, reduce your risk of heart disease, all of these things. So go easy on yourself. Show yourself compassion. Sometimes it'd be like a little compassion mixed with a little bit of tough love. So sometimes you gotta be like, let me get my button gear. But then, you know, at times you need to show yourself that compassion. So a little bit of both is great. Okay. And then as I said, focusing on those process goals. Now a good acronym you can use is smart goals. S M a R T so specific, measurable, achievable, realistic. And time-based okay.

So you can write that down. All right. So an example could be, I'm going to walk briskly for 30 minutes, five days a week. So you have exactly what you're going to be doing specifically walking 30 minutes, five days a week, it's measurable because you can know you could chart and you can journal about it and log it. If you're going to the days you walked. If I work, if I did walk five, or if I did three and it's achievable because that's something that you can do, it's big enough that you can do it, but you know, it's not overwhelming for you. So you want to be able to be achievable that you can do it. So if you're not used to exercising, you're not going to put down, I'm going to run for 30 minutes a day. I'm going to go run this marathon.

Cause you're going to feel overwhelmed and you might feel defeated and you might send you back. So just something that's a little bit realistic to you and put the T a time-based something that's measurable. And also another one example you could use is I will eat four servings of vegetables every day, this week, you know? And if that seems too overwhelming for you, you could do three, you know, but still put something up there that will push you, you know, to be like, yeah, I could do this. You know, I could do my four servings of vegetables. Okay. You know, just something so that you can write that down and write that down so that you have it. Okay.

And also another thing is picking a plan that fits your life. There are so many different ways to lose weight. This is what you're doing. You know, that you'd be like, yes, I need to get my blood pressure and my blood sugar in order. And I'm going to lose weight. What do I do? You could go on a gazillion websites. Uh, just all the things you can go on, social media. And there's all lot. There's a lot of different diets and things like that. But the best thing to do is to find something that fits your lifestyle, that you can continue because you don't, you want to try to avoid something that's overly restrictive. Cause this is overly restrictive. You're not going to do it, keep it up. So you might lose that 20 pounds rather quickly because it was very restrictive. But then what's going to happen when you try to come off of that diet.

Okay? It's going to be hard for you to transition because sometimes these restrictive diets, they don't even teach you how to go back into regular life. So you want to try to at least start with something that you can make. Your lifestyle is better to lose it slowly then rapidly. If you do find something that is working for you and you just so happened to be losing the way fast, because you're working out and you're doing the stress relieving and you're sleeping and getting your hydration and your eating well, the weight will come off, you know, and it's different for everybody. Everybody's body is going to be different. You know? So don't compare yourself to Kim, to Jessica, you know, because even if you all ate the same way, and then you all did the same workouts, it's going to affect everybody different metabolically, right?

Cause we're all different and we're all unique. So you and your best friend or you and your sister, you guys have to tailor the plan to you. That's why it's also good to work with somebody. You know? So if you can get a coach or a holistic nutritionist and they can help you and help guide you and you can do it together because it's, you know, sometimes it's hard just listening to something or just reading something online and not knowing what to do because everybody's case is different. Not saying that something doesn't work, you just have to figure out what's the best fit for you. And I believe making it not super restrictive and not cutting out all those calories is the best way to go because you want to still be able to live for one, have your energy. You need to maintain, and you want your body to be healthy.

Now, if you're eating healthy and you're working out and you're sleeping and you're doing all the things, you know, a lot of your health concerns, winds up just taking care of itself. I mean, you might be like, I'm here to lose 20 pounds. And then you just find out that your health has improved naturally. I mean, it's, it's amazing. Okay. And a lot of times, if you have one condition, you have another, that high blood pressure might be accompanied by your blood sugar. That's also, there's also some anxiety involved and it's just a trickle effect. You know, one thing leads to another. So if you're pre-diabetic, you might have some other conditions going on. Okay. Let's just taking that into consideration. Okay. So just something that you're able to continue on with, don't think about a fad diet or this quick fix. Okay, honey, you are worth more than just let me lose this for this dress.

We want to look good in our clothes. I'm gonna look good in my clothes as well, but it's more than about that. You want to do this in a healthy manner, okay? You want to do it healthy so that it lasts and you're not harming your body, you know, feeding it, the nutrients that it needs, you know, then everything else will automatically take care of itself. You know? And so what you can do also is write everything down in a journal, you know, not tracking your calories in the journal, but writing down what you're eating and writing Daniel read emotions like also meditation is, it's just incredible for so many things and you also can use it to manifest. And this could also go in help you out with your weight as well. You know, setting aside some time to meditate and visualizing the person that you see yourself are, and being healthy, just seeing this person doing a visualization meditation.

And also when you're in a meditation or you're doing breath work, this helps with your stress levels. Because a lot of times also when you are stressed out, this is keeping weight on your body, right? So we want to try to avoid being stressed. Stress in your emotions, affects us in so many ways, so many ways. And a lot of times it could be a culprit to why we might overeat. You know, sometimes we use food as a coping mechanism, right. So we want to try to relieve that. And then it just makes you feel pretty amazing when you're meditating. Okay. So getting a journal and writing down what you ate, just, just seeing just so we can be mindful of what you're putting in your body. It just, you could take a day, you could take like a week or something and just writing down every single thing, even if you're eating and you're, even if you're cooking, excuse me, and you take a bite of food, write that down. Okay. You can write that down to whatever it is. And then also you could track your water, you know, just whatever nourishment you're putting in your body. So you can see where you're lacking and when you're excelling it. And just whatever little adjustments you can make, you know, this isn't about being perfect. Just, just have the, giving yourself an idea about what you're putting into your body. Okay.

And you can also write how you feel. Like I mentioned that earlier, writing down how you feel like what your triggers are. If you're having a good day, a bad day, it's even as somebody, even if it's something simple, like somebody made you mad while you were driving, just journal about it, just get it all out, get to get it all out on paper. And then that which has help you from keeping those emotions inside and just looking around, you know, and I also have some wellness journals. If you don't have any journals and they are made just for self care, they have areas for nourishment, water, sleep, meditation, gratitude, um, goals for the day, just all the things, right. That just helps us be centered and just help us take care of ourselves with self care. Because sometimes we neglect ourselves, especially women. We put everybody else before us and we just put ourself last and we have to try not to do that.

I mean, you hear the saying, you cannot pour from an empty cup and it's so true. We have to try not to run are so taking care of everybody else. We can do more for our loved ones when we take care of ourselves first and we have to do that. And then you feel amazing and you're happier, you know? I mean, cause if you're like tired from running all over the place, you know, and you're just feeling kind of icky, you had a long day, it affects everything. So we want to try to take care of ourself, you know, and if our hormones are messed up, our blood sugar or blood pressure, all these things, it takes a toll on us. Okay. So you can go to Clarissa, forward slash journal, and you can look at the journals there there's three different kinds. And I just love them. You know, I know, I hope they can help. And there's also the link down below in the show notes. All right.

Like for example, ask my clients to journal, you know, and it helps them so much. So then they start realizing like what they're eating and if they're not eating enough protein or enough fiber, and then we're able to just make like some, a little adjustments I'm like, you know, so maybe you can add some more vegetables into your diet this week, you know, can you just buy some of that, some organic greens and it just makes you more aware of what's going on, you know? And then you're able to start incorporating stuff or taking something out as needed. I like to say, add in, try to focus on what you're adding in instead of taking out. And that makes it a little bit more easier. You know, we want to do things the most positive way we can. Okay. And that just makes the situation move a little bit more smoothly, you know?

And I just, I really feel like that. And now then I feel like a lot of times, whenever I tell them to do this, they start noticing the changes and they start keeping track of what they're eating and it just, then it just turns into a habit. And next thing you know, they are like, what did you eat? And they just tell me all this food and it's super nutritious. This is what we want. We want to make it a lifestyle. So we're not on a diet. I mean, I prefer to say lifestyle instead of diet. It's just, people are used to saying your, your diet, you know, but I feel like we should try our best not to think about it in that way. Okay guys. And also, I always thought about celebrating your wins. So if you're doing this tracking for a week and then on day three, you like, hold up.

I eat a lot of processed food and all this processed sugar that I got in my body, you know, you know, day four. You're like, you know what, I'm gonna swap this out for some blueberries. And also all just because the food is healthy does not mean it's healthy for everyone. So I might say eat some kale because kale is technically generally a healthy food. It might not work for you. So always pay attention to your body. Okay. It doesn't matter who is talking to you. If somebody tells you to eat something, it doesn't work for you, then it doesn't work for you. Everybody has a healthy food that doesn't work with their body and that's perfectly okay because there's so many foods in the world, food everywhere. Okay. So we can just pick something else. All right. So I just threw that in. There came to mind, but you know, so on day four.

So if you might know, so you're like, I'm going to change it up a little bit and you just naturally start because you're noticing, because you're writing it down, you just kind of naturally swap it out and the lag. Yeah. And then you'll notice how you feel. And so you'll pay attention to everything. So give that a try and also support. Okay. Support is the best thing. I'm like, if you're not getting support from your circle, you need to change your circle real quick. Okay. You can do that. And it was perfectly fine. That doesn't mean, you know, love the person, but you have to know what you need for yourself. That's all about boundaries. All right. That is a topic that is so important. Exactly. We all, somehow some way have had to struggle with that one way or another, you know? And so just being aware of who's around you, you know, just making sure you have a good support system sharing with people who will support you.

If there's somebody who you were just gonna, who's just has to be in your life. Maybe them, you don't have to tell them everything. You don't have to share every single thing. Okay. People that are positive and that are supportive, make sure you have them in your circle because that is so important. You go so much farther together. All right. So finding a good support system. And also if you need accountability and support, get a coach, you know, all for that. So, okay. We, so that about covers that from today. All right. So that hope that helped you guys some ways to be motivated. So we talked about having a reason why, which is super important, you know, writing your goals down and making sure you celebrate the wins along the way. That's very important. That helps keep you motivated. You don't have to wait.

So you get all the way at the end, allow yourself to be happy and appreciate your wins and appreciate your hard work. So allow yourself to do that. All right. And having a plan, a plan that's sustainable. Not just any plan. If you see something on the internet is like lose 10 pounds in one week or three days now going, wouldn't find something more attainable. Okay. Just, uh, just a food for thought. Journaling journaling is super important. I mean, it helps so much for so many different things, a wonderful habit to pick up and then also support, okay. Guys finding an amazing support system. All right. And if you need extra support outside of your immediate family and friends, feel free to reach out to me. You may go to Clarissa forward slash program, and shoot me a,

I would love to talk to you. We could hop on a phone call and also you can use also go to my Instagram page at Clarissa D Booker on Instagram. All right, until next time. Bye guys.

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