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Welcome To Miracles and Wellness Podcast

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Where to Listen?

-Worried about your health and want to reverse, prevent, or stop chronic health concerns so you can live a long life for yourself and loved ones but lack motivation?
-Do you wish you had more energy because you don’t want to feel fatigued?
-Are you ready to lower your blood pressure, blood glucose, or cholesterol without medication?
-Not sure where to start when it comes to your lifestyle and ready to ditch diet culture to make a permanent transformation?

Then I am glad God lead you here!

I understand, sometimes we have habits and behaviors that over time take a toll on our mind and body. Whether mental health or physical health as they both affect each other and can lead to obesity and chronic health diseases. 

You can feel so tired from the day to day routines from your professional life and you want the energy to give your family attention and love. Transforming your lifestyle will add years to your life so you can spend more time with them.

Let’s take charge now and fight disease instead of feed disease. Love your body and nourish it. I see you, instead of suppressing those symptoms let’s get to the root cause. 
I believe you can heal yourself one day at a time and today is a great day for you to start .. 

In this podcast you will feel empowered and receive guidance about health and wellness through discussions on meditation, breathwork, tapping, mindfulness, weight loss, meal prep, nutrition, stress management, fitness, movement, and chronic health diseases. There will be guests to talk about their expertise for more depth. Self care and lifestyle transformations that will help you transform your life one day at a time.

If you are ready to stay motivated and not feel hungry from diet culture, reverse or prevent chronic health diseases naturally, and lose weight while keeping it off then you are in the right place.

God lead you here for a reason, lets go!

Love and light


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