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Balance Wellbeing Academy

For entrepreneurs and professionals looking to reduce stress and anxiety so they can also lose weight, and boost health without FAD crash diets.

We're here to help.

Achieve longevity and prevent burnout!

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Do any of these sound like you?

I am an

Are you constantly racing against the clock, juggling numerous responsibilities as a driven woman? Between managing your busy life and striving for weight loss, finding time for stress reduction can seem like an impossible task

Do you feel like stress is an uncontrollable aspect of your high-achieving life, impacting both your well-being and weight? It's common to believe that external stressors are beyond your grasp, making it challenging to focus on stress management and weight loss.

Are you concerned that slowing down to manage stress and lose weight will hinder your competitive edge and career progression? This fear of losing momentum might be holding you back from taking proactive steps to address stress and reach your weight loss goals.

If so, then

You're in the right place if you're ready to tackle stress and anxiety head-on while still making progress towards weight loss. Here, you'll gain valuable tools for effective stress management, helping you regain a sense of calm and balance. Plus, if you're committed to improving your overall well-being through whole foods and lifestyle changes, you've found the perfect destination.

Meditation Group

Tired of FAD diets that just don't work and you keep starting over on Monday?

Have no energy to spend time with your family? 

You worry about your health from stress, eating habits, and the lack of motivation?

Then I am glad you are here! 


Step into the world of the Balance Well-being Academy, designed for professionals and entrepreneurs eager to rejuvenate their health, liberate themselves from stress, and rediscover their inner harmony.

"CC helped me lose 22 pounds and I have been struggling with my weight for a long time. I work a lot and she helped me with simple shifts that I didn't think I could do. Highly recommend her! Also my husband benefited too."

Lynda Miles


“She helped me work through some underling things I had going. I really find the meditation was a life saver. She also is so caring and it shows.

Kristin Samson

The time is Now if not yesterday to put yourself first so you can live! 

Give yourself permission to heal..

You can nourish your body without feeling hungry, feel happy, energized, and love your body.

"Clarissa is great! She helped me make some adjustments and my health is starting to do better. I am relieved to have found her on Facebook. She is a gem!"

Marie Harley

Vegetable Market

“I have been working with Clarissa and I have seen a lot of changes in myself. She has also helped me think 

differently about weight loss. I highly recommend her

Ann Baskin

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Hey, I'm Clarissa and I remember those days when stress and fatigue seemed to steps. It was clear that I couldn't continue down that path, as it signaled an imbalance in my health.

So I had to put myself first and not just take care of everyone else and that my friend is where it starts.


Can you relate? 

Today, I stand with firm boundaries in place, cherishing self-care as an absolute necessity, and embracing wellness as the cornerstone of my life.

Achieving this goal is within reach, as I've had the privilege of assisting others in their journey. Witnessing individuals experience the remarkable benefits of reduced stress and anxiety, coupled with the potential reversal of certain chronic illnesses, through the adoption of a nourishing diet, transformative lifestyle adjustments, and the sustained shedding of excess weight, is truly inspiring.

What you will walk away with:

  • Holistic wellbeing

  • Stress management and emotional resilience

  • Healthy lifestyle habits

  • Kitchen basics to set you up for success that are not intimidating 

  • Longlife wellness planning

It is time to take back your health! 

  • Group coaching

  • Plant based recipes

  • Meditations

  • Assessments for wellbeing

  • Community for support in private group

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