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Can we stop eating carbohydrates and lose weight? 3 Ways carbohydrates are good for our bodies.

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In todays mini episode we talk about carbohydrates and energy. Why we need carbohydrates for energy and part of our nutrition and some foods to eat for nutrients for energy and fiber. Are carbs really bad?

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Hello, everybody. Hope you're having a wonderful day today. We're going to do a little episode, short little one on carbs. What everybody loves to hate. A lot of times it gets such a bad rap. So you gotta give carbs. Some love. That'll give them some love and it's we much need is a macronutrient that we need in our life because it gives us energy, which a lot of times we're lacking for a number of reasons that we might be low on energy. So this is how you get that energy, right? Because your body has to break them down into glucose, then it will help give your muscles and your organs and petitions, tissues, excuse me, everything, energy so that we can go about our day and function to move our body to work out. So we're not falling over at our desk if we're working all those things.

All right? So that part is good. So what might happen is you might be consuming too much of simple carbs, which is the process foods, those refined sugars, you know, all, all the little stuff that you eat, like the vending machine snacks, all the little yummy stuff, right? The cookies and all those things. And also if you're eating like vegan cookies, CLU gluten-free cookies, it's still processed. It's still. So just because it has a label on it does not mean that it's going to technically be all that healthy for you as well. But I did say too much. So moderation is all write something once in a blue moon here and there is okay, so you don't have, you don't have to feel like you were deprived, but you are allowed to eat something sometimes. All right. But basically, but if you are eating too much and you're getting too much glucose in your bloodstream, then you can get weight gain.

You can start gaining weight. It starts affecting your insulin, your insulin resistance. I mean, it can type two diabetes will result from there. And it's like a trickle effect. So when you get one condition, a lot of times others will follow after it, but those carbs and they also give you fiber, which we need, our body needs is fiber. Okay guys. So like your whole grains beans, I'm not a big fan of dairy. This, it affects everybody's body differently. So that just depends on what's going on with your body. You know, fruit, fruit is good. Okay. It is, it is sugar. Yes, but it is okay. It's a natural sugar. And a lot of times, for most people, it will not affect your glucose in a negative way. Every single body is different, but for the majority of times, sometimes people are scared to eat fruit because they think it's going to do something to them.

But a lot of times it is okay. And last time berries, for example, are loaded with antioxidants, which we need for our body. And berries will also help bodies insulin more efficiently. Okay. So it'll slow the rate at which it would absorb the glucose from your food. So fruit is good for you. I think it's just a misconception out there where people think they can't eat fruit, but fruit is okay. All right, guys, you don't ever really see somebody in the hospital for eating too much fruit. Okay. This is what you don't really see. You might see them from eating too much processed food, but not too much sugar. I mean not sugar, but you know, natural sugar from berries, sugar from processed food sweets. That's something different. Okay. So they're not in the same category. One is complex and one is simple. We just want to try to avoid the simple carbs away.

Whole grains are great. So like barley, um, try looking at some, Bharti it, you know, it's just as a great source. It helps with digestion. Let you know, a lot of times things originates in our gut. So just eating some good food, some probiotics, some just different stuff like that, just to help our gut. And also, so the barley, for example, it will be really good. And another excellent source of, uh, carbs are lentils. Lentils are so good. Like I like to make a nice lentil soup and it helps with my iron levels, you know, all that fiber and that protein, it just gives you a lot of good nutrients guys. So he can, there's so many ways you could eat them. I mean, I just prefer soups because I could just I'll get like a big Crock-Pot would you call it these days and just throw some veggies in there.

Also some kale I'll add just maybe some mushrooms, whatever it is you could put, you could just go into your fridge and just put whatever it is that you have in there and just make yourself a wonderful soup. Now that the weather's starting to get chillier or I am anyway, cause I'm on the east coast nor in the Northeast, it starts to get cold. And so, you know, a soup is like my favorite thing about when the weather changes guys and also as well, I like to throw some lentils in there and also pumpkin because right around now it's October. And so, you know, there's pumpkins everywhere. And if you've got little ones, you know, they load their pumpkins. So we seem to be collecting them around here as well. So, you know, that's a make a pumpkin pie. If that, if you like pumpkin pie or just eat some pumpkin, it gives you vitamin a and those antioxidants, which are excellent.

These are just a few examples of some carbs. Just, I just wanted to do this little quick episode today just because carbs has such a bad rap and they are good. Okay guys, it's all about the quality of the food that you were eating and also with your eating the right carbs. Okay. Then it will also help you lose weight because that fiber will fill you up and then see, this is part of not even counting calories or doing anything like that because you're just getting full and you're eating all the right food. You're biasing the net nutrients, nutrient dense food, and you are good. You are ready to go. All right. So make sure you have some carbs on your plate. Some protein, some fat, some carbs. Goodness, goodness. Yes, yes, yes. Oh yes. Low carbohydrate diets. Okay. They can be effective in helping you lose weight.

Yes they can. But are they sustainable? No, they are not because what's going to happen. You're going to go back to eating carbs because you need them to live. You need them to breathe. Well, not necessarily to breathe with you. You don't understand. I'm saying you need them to be up to move around, to sustain your life. It is very important. So if you are restricting carbs, now it's one thing. If you're doing something and they're like limit carbs, but they actually mean processed carbs, refined sugars and things like that. But if they're like, you can't eat this, this, this, and this. And then you wonder why you are extra tired. That's why, and you're not getting your energy that you need from your glucose. Okay. I just wanted to say that before I forgot because it's so important. Cause I worked with so many people who any, you know, it's and honestly it's hard because if you've been thinking this way for a long time, and then I'm like, Hey, SIS carbs are good for you.

Eat your carbs, do all those things. Then it's like, you're like, why you want me to eat carbs and people like, I'm not doing it because it's just a little just trying to get your mind around it. They're good for you. It's just all about the quality of your food. There's so many ways to eat. There's so many diets out there, but if it is something that's too restrictive, then it's not going to work for you because you're not going to be able to maintain it. And that's what it's about being in sustain yourself. Okay guys. So I would suggest not going overboard with any of this stuff, because if you go overboard with it, then you know what happens when you go back, if you don't learn how to then transition into a healthier way of eating, then you're going to go back to eating the way you was before, because your body was looking for those nutrients and it was missing.

Right. And so just it's all about anything. So whether you are considering yourself, paleo plant-based Mediterranean. I mean, I can go on and on there's there's some, there's so many so-called diets out there. I mean, a lot of times you are taking your macros and you're just repositioning them. So, but you know, it's the term individual, bio-individuality, we're all different. So if something works for me, it might not work for you. And doesn't mean it's not good or it's not bad. It's just so we're all different and that's okay. You know? So it all depends on individual. All right guys. So that was your mini episode for today. I hope you enjoyed it. I have a thing about carbs. If you can tell, I'm always talking about carbs. Cause I just feel like, you know, sometimes there's just so much different information out there. And then also people were taught things in the past and we always learning new, right?

Like I do different things now than I did in my past as well. So I'm just there. And any questions you have, please leave them in the comments. I mean, not the comments. Please leave them in a review, leave me a written review. I would love to see it. It makes my day. And it lets me know that you are loving the content or whatever else I could talk about for you. Okay guys. And if you, I would love to see you over there in the group on he'd come over there to face, but there's a free community over there for wellness. And that is Bitly floor with slash will being grouped. And I will talk to you next time.

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